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Oh so much to say…so little time…

25 Aug

I changed the outlook to my blog! Tell me what you think!

So I love Housewives of New Jersey (its one of my many guilty pleasures!) If you watch you show then you know that Danielle is everyone’s favorite person to hate. She overreacts, spews absurdities, and has way too much botox! Well homegirl has a single… Yes, ladies and gents she is trying to have a music career… OMFG please watch! I don’t know what is more ridiculous of a trainwreck: her singing or her dancers.

Enough about that tranny-mess, let’s talk about some big news! Lady Gaga is the new twitter queen! Mhm Honey Bee! Even though she threw Britney off (I still love you Brit! I named my car after you!) Lady Gaga really does love her fans little monsters! Check out the video its HIL-A-RIOUS…

Did anyone catch Weeds last night? Omg what did you think? What do you think is going to happen this season? I think they are going to be on the run most of the season? Any predictions?

True Blood is only getting better! We finally know that Sookie is a fairy! Little farfetched, I guess, but we have were-wolves, vampires, and were-panthers…Oh My! With only two episodes left, I don’t know what I’m going to do Sunday evenings!

I’ve been searching for some really good music, instead of the mundane b.s. they (the major music companies) play on the radio. My friend Jess has always loved Jenny Lewis and Ms. Lewis has definetly grown on me. Ever since getting lost in Glendora to teaching me to shake my Money Maker, she’s held a special place in my heart. Her new albumn ‘I’m Having Fun Now’ with her boyfriend Johnathan Rice is really good! Check it out on NPR:

I’m Having Fun Now

If you want to check out some other good music go to:

Click on the penis 8—-D

My internship is going well! I’m undoubtedly learning a lot and utilizing skills that I learned at my other PR firm. I get to work this kick-ass fashion show on Labor Day! I am really excited to see how it will turn out!

I really like the people I work with too. They are real down to earth and very helpful and encouraging! We had a pot luck lunch last week check out the vid!


Make It Work (An inspirational post thanks to Hadley and Emily)

19 Aug

So I know I haven’t posted a blog in sometime and I want to apologize to you all! All of you who have subscribed are trully amazing and I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank you all. It has always been my life goal to be successful and I feel as though I am on the right path at doing that. But enough of the sappy stuff, I want to update you on my fag fab life.

Where to begin? OK!


So two weekends ago I went down to Miami for one of my fraternity little brothers 21st birthday. It was Justin, his brother, Will Hill aka Mike, and I (Lil Zac showed up later). Well we stayed at the Eden Roc Hotel and OMFG was it amazing! To my random luck the Salsa Congress was at the same hotel and I knew I was going to end up there sober or not (most likely not). Well there was four pools and people were raging hardcore. So we decide to lounge and get some R and R; however, that was short lived cause Mike was being a princess for his birthday. He wanted to go to the clubs and bars by 8! Justin and I had to regulate and basically strong arm him into relaxing. Justin and I decided to do our own thing and chill, while Matt (Justin’s brother) and Mike went to get liqour.

The PoolsOur View

Once Mike and Matt come back Justin and I were done getting ready and we started drinking to what my recolllection was a Russian bottle of vodka that tasted more like rubbing alcohol, but hey it did the job. After dancing to such songs as Bad Romance, Ghosts N Stuff, and Alejandro (mind you I was with all straight guys) we headed out to Liv. Liv happened to be packed so we jumped into a cab and went to Wet Willies, then walked around and ended up at the BK Lounge to be stopped by some promoter to give us tickets to B.E.D and when we asked him a question later he was so barred out (he told us he was) that he didn’t remember what he had said 20 minutes ago! We work our way back to the hotel and we pay $35 bucks each to get into the Salsa Congress Justin I and Lil Zac–who showed up before we went out–all got in. Me being of hispanic descent and loving to shake my rump, I got in there and started dancing with whomever would dance with my drunkass! I lost Justin and Lil Zac in the mix and eventually found them in the cabana.

We ended up back in the room and we all passed out. Great Saturday!


Fast forwarding a little… My little sister was graduating Tuesday from college! My mom was so happy that all three of her kids had graduated college and I am proud because we are first generation and we came from humble beginnings and to accomplish what we have is definetly a great feat.

True Blood, Weeds, Housewives, & Jersey Shore oh my!

If any of you have kept up with True Blood you know shit is getting ridic! I am so ecstatic for Weeds especially because there are only 3 episodes left of True Blood. I have not caught up with Housewives, but I will watch it on Bravo and blog about it. As for Jersey Shore let me make myself clear, I hated the thought of watching that show, but after watching that show I feel so much better about my life and laughing at the stupid crap they do, that why not love it!

Make it Work

So I started my new internship and I am absolutely loving it! I am having a lot of creative freedom and learning a lot too! I know we are having a lot of events coming up so I will definetly blog about my experiences! Also, for those of you who are local check out Caliente Kitchen on Wednesdays! 2-4-1 margaritas! Tequila baby!

Now why the title Make it work? Well obviously if you watch Project Runway you know that is Tim Gunn’s catch phrase. Well, I have a man crush on him. Why you ask. I’ll tell you. First off, he is a silver fox. Second, he has money. Third, he has an impeccable piquant taste in fashion. Lastly, he is been scorned by love and I know how that goes! ¬†Hadley and Emily were talking about life. Hadley and I had a conversation earlier about luck and life and not being able to control what life throws at you and when you’re handed a bad deck–you make it work! You put on that poker face, your hater blockas, and bluff! Inevitably, things will turn around and there is no use in being down, we can only go forward! When Hadley and Emily started talking about making it work, I knew it was time to post again! Not that anything was wrong in my life at the moment, but I need to take life by the horns and tell that bitch who’s boss!