Shake Weighting it up!

2 Aug

During a recent trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Martha wanted to experience what it would be like if you began working out with a shake weight!


Oh My Gahh, My First Post!!!!!

2 Aug

Check out the video of the aftermath of the apartment warming party lol!

So this weekend my friends had an apartment warming party and of course we got white boy wasted! So let me lead you up to the morning after! Emily, Hadley and Martha had finally moved into their baller apartment and decided to party it up on Friday. I wanted to get black out drunk and celebrate hardcore too, I got accepted to a fab internship program at a kick-ass PR Firm, and decided to get vodka. A little side note about me and vodka, vodka makes me do some ridiculous things, I’ve peed on cars, taken people’s mail, drunk texts obscene things, you know the usual.  Emily and I gave Matt, Hadley’s Boyfriend, money to pick up some bottles–he got Kettle One and Bacardi. Emily and I went off to work, we work together at a restaurant and I love it so much cause I work with my friends hehe! Well after work, we get back to the apartment to get ready and people start showing up. Of course we want to start the night off right, we begin the shots of vodka. Now, at this point im thinking “Fuck, here goes my sanity.” After probably 4 shots of vodka in a row, a round of flip cup, and a round of beer pong, I’m beginning to feel pretty shwasty. But of course, I don’t stop drinking, I start making mixed drinks for me and everyone else. It was either the beer or my 8 second pours but everyone started gathering into the kitchen like cattle. We had Lady Gaga blasting and Kevin, Martha’s Boyfriend, Justin, Kevin’s Best Friend, and I start doing the robot for some reason. After our little dance session, Bad Romance comes on and everyone is singing and dancing I totally gave my friend Kristen a lap dance. At this point im looking for Hadley. I am wondering where this chonga went, so I go to her room and the door is locked! “She’s having sex,” I yelled in my drunken stupor! Of course, I want to make it awkward for her and start pounding on the door and making obscene sexual noises! But I got bored quickly and rejoined the drunks in the living room. About 15 minutes past by and Matt comes to me and says “Hadley is sick,” so of course I run to my fag hag and see how she is doing. The bitch is on the floor and my initial reaction is my best friends dead! Hadley mumbles something about being hot and has the fan blowing her va-jay-jay. I was glad she was ok and let Matt take care of her. The party is still raging on and were taking more shots of vodka and of course im feeling loose. Kristen and I team up on Justin and start asking to see his goods, mind you we all have heard about Justin’s midas touch of a penis, and now we just want to see it for scientific proof. Justin totally didn’t want to after harassing him for like 45 minutes about it. All of a sudden we see Hadley comes into Martha’s room were we have all congregated. She looks like she has just risen from death. The party starts slowly dying down and there are a few of us left, Martha wants to go to bed so we all go our respected ways to find somewhere to sleep. I end up on the futon after trying to get some booty, but ended up just going to McD’s to suffice my sexual urges. I wake up in the morning to Martha whining how sick she is and Kevin taking care of her. I wake up and ask Kevin for a blanket and fall back asleep. Matt left earlier in the morning for an interview and came back with Dunkin Doughnuts. Emily, Kevin and I wake up and this is where the video takes place. Please watch the video so you can just see how effed up we are lol! We go on our DD run and I order some Turkey flat bread and Emily convinces me to get a doughnut as well–peer pressure always gets me!!! Well Emily and I have a DMB concert to go to  later and we begin quickly trying to get rid of our hangover. After playing a few rounds of Rock Band and me murking the drums, I go home to get ready. Hadley calls me and tells me she got a ticket for the concert. Hadley and I are trying to finish cleaning our old apartments, get ready for the concert, get some “goodies” for the show and eat, all while hungover.

Well we get to the concert and it was amazing! Drunk people everywhere, people smoking the good stuff and what not. We get back to the apartment and are so pooped we pass out. All and all it was a great weekend and an awesome first post to blog about!