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Money can’t buy you class, but damn does it come close!

3 Aug

OoOo girl, look at that dress

Ok so last night I went over to my friend Aisha’s place, we hung out talked about the usual: pot, guys, being drunk. Well it was 9 o’clock and Monday and so my girls of NJ would be on soon. My friend Gabi had come over and invited us to her place to watch it because Aisha didn’t have internet or cable yet. So we head over and start watching it and holy balls! Can I just say Teresa loves to spend money. Audriana’s christening was over-the-top, I remember my christening we had cake and music and liquor all in my backyard in Jersey.  No wonder she’s broke! So while watching all this, there was a scene of all these kids who are guidod out! 10-year old boys with blowouts, everyone had glow sticks, even a baby with a glow stick who’s dad was making his little baby hand fist pump. My heart went out to that poor child. All and all it was a great episode and I really want to see what is going to happen with Kim G.! I think she is trying to get  a spot on the show as the next housewife!